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Vanessa Graham, Owner, Body Contourist

Celestial Health & Beauty Spa is a body sculpting and contouring spa located in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We offer many popular services such as Laser Lipo, Cavitation & more. Dedicated to client results, our owner Vanessa Graham, has made sure that all clients feel welcome and comfortable during their appointments. As a female owned company, we feel it's important to tell the story of how we came to be.

The Journey







The goal is to finish growing the spa to what the CEO has envisioned. We have Celestial Aesthetics Institute coming soon, as well as V-Steams and Sauna Blankets. Our company expands and grows daily. We hope to host weekly events to create a community and safe space for others to relax and unwind. We welcome creatives and love to work with them. We love to support and uplift people, we created a place for you to always be happy to come to. We hope to bring many more services in the future.

Celestial Health & Beauty now has 2 Certified Body Contourists. As they prepare for the Grand Opening they currently have had a soft opening taking clients as they prepare. Clients love and can't help but take a nap as they get their service. Our clients are always so relaxed and love to see their results every session. Small renovations have been done and the customers love to see the changes as they come in for their sessions. We have an amazing team of women including a Holistic Health Nutritionist and a Meal Prep Chef. 

Celestial Health & Beauty originally started with our CEO Vanessa in her living room & travel clients in May. She had a start up kit for herself & budgeted her bare minimum. Once she saved up enough, she worked hard with an intention in mind.  She decided to turn her second bedroom in her apartment into her first spa room. July 28th, 2021 she received the keys to the current Celestial Spa in Old Town, Alexandria. Amazing things started happening quickly. Her vision was to be a place for people to escape and work on themselves physically, internally & spiritually. 

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