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Spa Disclaimers

Please be advised: 

  • Deposits and services are NON-Refundable. We do consultations to ensure Quality services and  procedures and appreciate you taking value of our time.

  • Failure to follow recommended aftercare and change of lifestyle instructions may result in lessened effectiveness of treatment

  • We reserve the right to refuse services excluding race or social class

  • Failure to book a consultation for an appointment will cost a $50 rebooking fee

  • Results will vary by individual, we cannot control your aftercare, failure to follow it will lead to lessened effectiveness of treatment

  • Getting a Body Sculpting treatment might feel easy and painless but you must handle your body with love and care after services as your body purges fat, toxins and fluids out.

  • Bruising and redness is normal, we are not liable for any skin issues as stated in client intake forms.

  • We understand life happens, but we have policies in place to protect our workers as well to make sure their time is compensated. 

  • MomoPreps and Dawn to Earth Holistics are their on business entities that partner with Celestial Health and Beauty Spa are not employed by our business. 

  • We promise results in a minimum of 3 session commitment, therefore we cannot promise desired results in less than 3. Booking a consultation helps better understand best services to maximize your results in that timeframe.


  • General Aftercare for every service include but are not limited to:

    • Intaking plenty of  water

    • Fitness or some kind of physical activity 


  • You are not able to do Body Sculpting on you if you have:

    • Cardiac Issues

    • Cancer

    • Infected, inflamed, or swollen skin

    • Metal Implant (pacemaker)

    • Pregnant/Lactating


  • Possible Side Effects of services include but are not limited to:

    • Redness

    • Swelling

    • Irritation

    • Skin Reaction

    • Bruising

    • Increased Heart Rate

If you have questions please fill out a form on the "Contact Us" tab of our website. You can call or text us at (202)-743-5194

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