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Take Charge of Your Results

Celestial Health & Beauty Spa offers after-care to our clients including nutritional  and holistic advice, as well as meal prep services. Dawn to Earth Holistics and MoMoPreps are two amazing companies that we've collaborated with to provide these services.

Dawn to Earth Holistic Health & Wellness

Dawn Fabritz is an Experienced and Certified Wellness Practitioner. She holds a certification in Holistic Nutrition as well as being a registered 200 HR Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  She takes a holistic approach to helping each of the individuals she works with. Her knowledge of the gut, brain, and endocrine system connection helps her approach your symptoms and address them to get down to the solution. Dawn has worked in many different environments as a wellness mentor and nutritionist, she has recently been working with women that deal with hormonal imbalances, gut issues and weight problems. Having experienced these diseases first hand,she offers a different approach to guiding her clients to whole body health and wellness .Her services are offered in conjunction with CHB to help you reach your overall health goals to match the results you get on the outside with our spa.

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MoMo Preps

Monica Rodriguez, owner of MoMoPreps, has partnered with Celestial Health & Beauty Spa to provide delicious healthy meal preps to add to your stellar after-care routine! Choose tasty meals that change weekly to keep the fun in your diet. All meals are home-made and fresh. MoMoPreps offers vegan meals as well!

MoMo's Menu

MoMoPreps is a business that believes in you are what you eat. At MoMoPreps, we believe in the 80/20 rule. 80% of what you eat determines your weight and 20% is about exercising.

The moment you hear diet, its an automatic turn off and no one enjoys it! We provide different menus every week! It isn't boring when MoMo diets and we've made it easy for clients that are trying to achieve their goal. Not only do we provide meals that saves you money and time, but we also make our meals fresh!

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