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Spa Policies

First Time Clients

All first time clients are required to book a consultation which are free. Booking an appointment without a consultation will result in a $50.00 rebooking fee. Consultations are important to properly qualify clients for a service and to access the number of sessions required to achieve the desired result. To avoid complications, we must consult with the clients. We do not recommend all services for all clients. 

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, we allow clients to cancel or reschedule any appointments up to 24-48 hours prior to their appointment date. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture of non-refundable deposit as well as a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are $75 if there is no proper communication or last minute cancellation. 

Late Fees

We will honor a 10 minute grace period for all appointments. If clients are 11-30 minutes late, we will charge a $50.00 late fee due at time of service. If the client does not arrive within 30 minutes, the appointment will be cancelled and the late fee will be applied. Please communicate via text or email your estimated time of arrival to ensure time is not wasted. Failure to do so will result in a NO CALL NO SHOW appointment where you will be subject to a forfeiture of your deposit at 60-100% of the service booked. 

Rescheduling Policy

We will allow a 24-48 hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointments. Clients will be offered two attempts to reschedule their appointments without having to repay their deposit. A third reschedule of the same appointment will result in a repayment of nonrefundable deposit and rebooking. 

If you have questions please fill out a form on the "Contact Us" tab of our website. You can call or text us at (202)-743-5194

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