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The Team

Who We Are


Vanessa Graham

CEO, Certified Body Sculptor & Instructor

At a young age, Vanessa fell in love with the gym, healthy eating and holistic health. Her goal is to impact as many women and men as she possibly can. She truly believes that  just about anything can be cured when you watch what you eat and most importantly watch your mental health. During the pandemic, she started her body sculpting career and never turned back. She now sculpts clients & educates new students on Body Sculpting and continues to grow along her journey. 

Karissa Sanders

Certified Body Sculptor

Born and raised in the DMV, Karissa lived her younger years in Tacoma Park, DC. She began studying the culture of holistic living, the approach of mindful eating, yoga, mediation, and an active lifestyle. In those years, she found her gift of her hands, welcoming all people to start their Body transformation and self-confidence. In this field and the years of experience she's gained,  she found that the true reason of working for others is the genuine happiness she can deliver.


Dawn Fabritz

Nutritionist & Life Coach

Owner of Dawn to Earth

Holistic Health & Wellness

Growing up, Dawn was overweight, shy, and definitely experienced my fair share of bullying. In her adult years, where she spent most time as an Early Childhood Educator, unlearning toxic behavior and leading the way for our future made her want to create more change in the world. Once she reached her mid twenties, she decided she needed more out of life and embarked on a journey to lose weight. She found herself signing up at a local kickboxing studio and  decided to quit her job as an educator and join the fitness industry.After she had much success, she went down an educational rabbit hole and decided it was her divine purpose to help people heal their bodies, minds, and spirits through lifestyle , exercise and diet . She then learned how to gain insight on what is healthy and why it's different for everyone. No one should be teetering between deprivation and gluttony . 

Monica Rodriguez

Meal Prep Expert

Owner of MOMOPreps

Monica wasn’t always this passionate about her diet & lifestyle.  Realizing that her diet was the main reason for her weight, she started her weight loss journey first and later created her meal prep business. Not only did she learn that dieting is the main source of weight, but meal prepping also saved her time, money, and it taught her discipline. She strives to show others the importance of health is wealth and that dieting is never boring!

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